Ordering Process

HelenaDia is an Internet shop which operates pursuant to the Electronic Trade Law and all of the other valid laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia. The detailed conditions for purchasing are listed in the following text. Please make yourself acquainted with them before you make a purchase.

To be able to order a product from the range of the Internet shop www.HelenaDia.com you need to take the following steps:

  • Find the product you wish to purchase
  • Review your cart
  • Enter data concerning the purchaser (customer) and place of delivery
  • Choose Payment option
  • Review and confirm your order

1. Find the product you wish to purchase

The products are organized by category which you can review as in a catalogue. Once you find the product you wish to purchase click on the button "Add to cart”. With that, you have placed the product into your cart (just like in a regular shop). After that, you can continue to browse through our products, and you can add additional products into your cart.

2. Review your cart

Once you have finished placing products into your cart and wish to order them, choose the option „Cart". On the page of the cart all products are shown which you have thus far placed into it. In the cart you can list how many pieces of a certain product you wish to order or in case you have changed your mind with regards to any of them, you can delete that product from the cart.

The cart is the first step in placing your order. Once you are satisfied with the contents of your cart, move on to the next step.

3. Entering data concerning the customer and place of delivery

In this step you should enter data concerning the customer and address where the product should be delivered. Data on the customer is data which will be listed on the receipt which will be sent to you together with the package.

Data on the place of delivery is data showing where you wish the package to be delivered. We kindly ask you to give the exact data to enable the courier service which will deliver the package to find it as quickly as possible. In case the entered data is inaccurate, your package may be returned and the delivery date extended. Because of that we kindly asking you to fill full data about:

  • Name and Surname
  • Phone number with contry phnoe code
  • Address, street name and house/flat number
  • Town/City
  • ZIP code
  • Country

4. Payment option

In this step you need to choose how you wish to pay for the ordered products.

5. Review and confirm your order

Finally, before you confirm your order, you can look at all of its details once again: what you ordered, data concerning the customer, delivery address, how much the total price is, etc.

If you agree with the order choose option „Confirm" which thereby creates it. Once your order is confirmed, you will automatically receive an e-mail to your registered e-mail address with a review of the order and payment instructions.